Thursday, November 8, 2007

My new adventure!

So Kathleen and I started a company. I am soo excited about it. It's great we are just waiting to get some orders. On another not Gabe decided to pull down his underwear and show Candice his stuff. Not a fun situation to deal with. It's not easy to explain to a 4 year old that you are not suppose to show girls your privates.Ha Ha I didn't Daddy did. That certainly helps. I think that is his department anyways. So back to my company. It's called K and A Designs and we will be selling scrapbooking products. All custom made you pick the color and everything we will just make it for you. Well right now we are working off of myspace. Our site there is Just hopefully it will go good and then we will get a webpage. Which was the original idea but I guess we will see how it goes.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Circus at Sam's Club!

Yep, that is right there was a circus at Sam's Club. It was us. We went to Sam's Club today and I swear I felt like we were some kind of circus act. Everyone was staring at us. We had two people ask if all the kids were ours? That question just puzzles me who with a half brain would take 5 small children to the store if they were not all yours? Are there really paople who do this? And why is it such a shock to see a family of 7 at Sam's Club? They are after all aimed to businesses and large families! Isn't that who you would expect to see there? As we were walking out of the store the person in the car that was driving past was literally staring at us now what was that all about? I felt like I should take a bow. What is it with people? Anyways so on a lighter note we took the kids to the pumpkin patch Friday but I forgot to take my camera. They had a good time though. We got 9 pumpkins! Then on Saturday we went to my mom's to carve them. My mom has some pictures of that I will have to get from her. Lil Frankie did a cat,and Gabe and Ian both did faces. I did a haunted tree and Big Frankie did a horseman. They all came out really nice. Of course the kids all had help with theres but they picked out what they wanted to do.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So what happened this morning?

We got home late last night so the kids slept in their clothes. Well this morning Frankie was supposed to be getting dressed for his field trip his clothes where on the couch and I went out to the kitchen to talk with Kathleen and see if we were supposed to send them with a lunch or anything. Well Frankie came out and was running around with Ryan so I figured he was ready he had his jacket on and shoes and everything. Well they left for school and I went back to the room to do my morning pick up of all clothes from the floor. I was getting things off the couch and low and behold there are the pants I had set out for Frankie to wear. I thought Ohhh My Goodness he wore the same pants that he wore yesterday. No good! Then I thought maybe big Frankie got him out a different pair of pants for whatever reason. So I asked him and he said no. I was not home yesterday when he got home from school so I asked if he had changed his clothes then in hopes that he didn't wear them to school yesterday just to my moms with would be better. Nope of course not that would be too lucky. So when Frankie got home I asked him "What happened this morning?" He just looked at me with a blank look on his face. He obviously had no idea what I was talking about. So I asked him if he changed his pants this morning and he said that daddy told him that he could wear the ones he had on but apparently that is not what happened really I still don't know what happened I just hope that no one noticed. Of course that would be too easy. I am sure I will get a call from his teacher requesting that he wear clean clothes everyday.
Frankie picking out his pumpkin at the pumpkin patch today!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dad, why did you pour pop on Ian's head?

So I went to my mom's yesterday and it was pretty uneventful. The boys were supposed to have a dentist appointment but I didn't feel like going so I canceled it. Anyways Ian was being his rumbustious self and pulled down my mom's self on Frankie lucky he was not hurt badly. My dad then went on to pour Pepsi on Ian's head. When I got mad and questioned him he said "He drank my pop without asking". OK so that means you pour your pop on his head. Ohh boy would you grow up you are a nearly 50 year old man. Not only do I have five kids and a husband who is much like a kids I also have a father who is much more like a kid. What to do what to do?? So Gabe and Ian have come to the decision that it's fun to wake people up by screaming in their ear. Why I don't know. But needless to say it's not fun but it's working. And getting them into trouble but for anyone who knows these two knows trouble in common for them and they are so used to it that they just don't seem to care anymore. Like I said pretty uneventful.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Too many crickets!

So we have this really bad cricket problem! By really bad I mean REALLY bad. Frankie killed 5 crickets on Monday night. Wednesday night I killed 4 again to find 3 more on Thursday night. So I was already going crazy from these friends of mine. To top it all off Friday night as I was laying in bed with the lights out and Izzy next to me who wouldn't go to sleep, I feel something land on my cheek so me thinking it's just a fly go to swipe it off and my hand touched it. I jumped out of bed and turned on the light. Looking by Izzy where I thought it would be I see nothing. But yet look again just in case but this time I look over the whole bed. Low and behold it is a huge cricket on my head. So first I had to let out a little shriek and shake myself in case there are more. There are not anymore but I had to be sure. So quickly I collect myself to kill this monster since Frankie is not home for me to have him do it. So I grab my slipper let me just add new slipper and kill the thing or so I thought. I know I wounded it since I seen a leg and it was not attached to the cricket anymore. When I then got a baby wipe to pick it up and wrap it up in. I wrap it up really good and set the wipe on the table which in itself is unlike me since typically these things go back outside since I have a fear that they might come back to life and attack me out of anger for killing them. This one had to stay so that Frankie could see how big it was and know that I have about had it with these crickets. Needless to say now I can't sleep so I put the sheet over my head so nothing else gets on me. I also leave the light on thinking these are nocturnal bugs so they obviously like the dark. Ha that will show you stupid crickets I'll just sleep with the light on ha. When Frankie got home I showed him and he said when we go to the store Friday we will get something to kill them. Well we forget to get something! Go figure right?So now it's bedtime again and we still have crickets but I have no idea what will kill crickets. I think about garlic but no that is vampires so I consider bleach but don't know that it will work and don't want the kids to get it. So I do nothing and just find a way to go to sleep. I was successfully. So Saturday night comes and we still forgot to get something. Frankie is at work and again I am home with the kids who are now in bed except Izzy she just doesn't like to sleep. Well I start to hear some of my friends and know they are in here and close so I stop what I am doing and go get a towel to stick under the door so that they stay in the laundry room and not in my room. I open the door and there are two right inside my room one of them jumps in the laundry room and they other one has a death wish. I grab a shoe and let out my little shriek again since I have to do this. Ewwwwwwwwwww!! And I go to hit it and it jumps toward me so I run and shriek again this one more like a scream then any but he that thing was coming toward me it must really have a death wish or a wish for extinction. Lucky for that one I can't find it but you better believe I am staying awake until Frankie gets home. That was hard but I did it. Needless to say he didn't look for the thing even though I knew in what general vicinity it was. So we go to bed and the next morning when we get up and head to the store he remembers probably because I was complaining to him on the phone Saturday night and telling him if we didn't do something (move out) I was going to move out by myself I told him I would live with my mom if I had to but I was not staying here to be patronized by crickets. I will have to remember that for future Frankie do this and Frankie do that that he just doesn't want to do.